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9\" Trak-Loc rebuild - need advice/help

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Having problem re-assembling the carrier halves after replacing the clutch/disks. Is it possible they expanded too much after soaking? Meant to do it overnight only, but ended up soaking for about 24hours. I made carefull attention to re-assemble properly so I know that's not the problem. I measured the combined clucth/disks I took out against the new ones and there is a difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Does anyone have an exploded view of the carrier for a ford 9"?
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Soaking the plates for 24hrs shouldn't have hurt anything.How much thicker is the new clutch pack than the old one? Here's a TL diagram.
I will measure tonight. I know the disks are the same, but the clutchs are a little wider. Overall I think about 1/4" or so. I will caliper them to determine the exact difference. Thanks for the link.
the carrier halves are not gonna fit together very easy. You an use a press to carefully compress together so you can install the flat head screws. Bassicly the clutch pack is preloaded by the four springs in the center block.
I slip some bolts through in about 3 or 4 places and then using a nut slowly cinch down the bolts until the two halves come together. At that point you can add the screws with loctite to hold it all together.
Bassicly the clutch pack is preloaded by the four springs in the center block.
That was it. Didn't think of it at first. But worked it together. Thanks guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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