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For sale or possible trade. $6000 1992 Mustang Gt 5 speed. 142XXX miles. Mostly all original. Minor bolts ons. K&N underdrive pulleys, Shorty headers, Off road H pipe, Flowmasters. Also has weld in subframe connectors. Very nice car for age. Almost perfect black interior. The drivers seat back is not bent like most of the 5 speed cars are. Mostly original paint still shines well. NO RUST anywhere. Has normal scratches and dings from being a daily driver. Worst is door ding on L fender. BFG tires with a lot of tread left. This car has spent its whole life in Southern Missouri. I have all the parts to put back to original except exhaust. Even have the original spark plug wires and air silencer. This car was mostly lady driven for most of its life. Original motor than runs great. The original T5 still shifts great(cant say that about 90% of these cars. Everything works including AC that still has R12 in it. Only thing that does not work is the Power door locks. The actuators froze up from age. Fox bodys like this are hard to find. I looked for some time before I bought this car 5 years ago. I used it for a daily driver for a year now I has been sitting mostly. I did drive it on a 200 mile plus drive a month ago. All is fine. I would take this car anywhere and not worry about it at all. This car would make a great daily driver or a show car with some detailing and a new paint job. This car has not been rode hard and put away wet like 90% of these has. Never been wrecked. The repainted parts where done for rock chips(prevouis woman owner from 94-10 husband had a body shop). Only reason I am selling is I don't use this car anymore. Possible trades would be old cars 50-70s in good shape. NO PROJECTS or other junk. I am a Ford certified tech and know what I am looking at. Fords or Mopar a plus. GMs not so much. Galaxie a plus or wagon. Possible Motorcycle(no Harleys or Harley type bikes) No sport bikes also

1992 Mustang GT

Link with pics and some more info.
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