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\'98 460

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I've had fuel injection on mind big time lately. A buddy of mine has a EFI 460 in an RV, which broke a trees fall. I was already working on installing a 460 into my 67 mustang.
I want to beef it up with a mid range cam, maybe some different heads or just get them reworked. will the carbed heads work with the fuel injected ones? is there any difference through the years? I'm probably gonna need to reprogram the PCM with a custom tune of some sort? I've got an early to mid 70's C6, will it work?
I know EFI is a way more effecient means of making power but y'all think this setup would be worth it?
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Don't make your swap any harder than it needs to be, besides the truck EFI doesn't lend itself to mods very well.
Agreed, In addition the ports on the fuelie 460's are different from the older style 460's. If you really wanna do fuel injection look at Mass-Flo...but be prepared to drop nearly 4 grand. I'd say stay with the carb. Also, look at the 385 forum at network 54. Theres a whole page dedicated to engine builds. With a little compression, a small cam and the supporting intake carb and hedders these motors can make well over 400hp, not to mention 500lb ft. of tq. If you dont believe there's a set of very bald 295's on the back of my 460ed 69 coupe!

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