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Once again I didn’t get to the point that I wanted to but slowly and surely I’m inching my way to getting stage 1 done and driving “project sleeper”.

5.0 pal came by to help me again today but GM Freak was a no show, he called me to let me know that he wasn’t feeling well (he has been fighting a cold the last few days) so he’ll drop by later this week to help me finish the car.

I do have a job for him, I have everything underneath tighten up except the tranny line that fits in the fitting at the frt. of the trans. I never got around to flaring the two lines down by the bell housing area so they have to be installed at the tranny. What a bitch it was to try to get that nut started, for the life of me I couldn’t get it to thread on, so that will be his job when he drops by (FYI GM Freak works as a technician at a Honda dealer so he’ll know how to overcome this situation)

Yesterday I got the headers in place and the bolts started but I haven’t tighten them up yet just in case I need some clearance for working on certain things under the car. Once that tranny line is tighten up I will get the header bolts done up.

I will do up the frt. part of the engine a little bit each night after work and hopefully I can still get this thing going by next weekend. Stay tuned.
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