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A/C pump, early 70\'s unit

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I am a little rusty on this, but in the process of sorting through a stack of the heavy York air condition compressors I have managed to get over the past 6-8 years, I am in the process of tearing down a parts car, so I can remove the drivetrain.
I unbolted the a/c compressor, and it was alot lighter than I had expected, and it feels {to my best guess} like it is an aluminum unit. I thought it was a York, but I was able to clean it up, and it has a tag showing it is a Ford unit,
not sure honestly what the difference is.
I removed the lines, and the pump turns free and very smoothly by hand, and the oil inside is quite clean.
Anyone have any suggestions if these were a reliable unit?
If I can run this over the cast iron york, I would like to.
The car is a '72 Torino, factory a/c.
Date code on the unit is 10-71.
Thanks for the help.
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