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In my opinion a new vehicle or a relatively new preowned vehicle can be an enormous investment. Next to our homes and college tuition it is probably one of the biggest investments we make in our daily lives. Many families own two or more out of the necessity of having to have multiple bread winners. When your financial survival means being at work at a certain time, getting there means owning a reliable vehicle. Some of these vehicles can be as much as a third to half the cost of a home. Believe it or not there are lots of places in this country were you can buy a decent home for less than a hundred grand. The difference in our home and a family ride is about seventy, eighty or maybe a hundred years. When we buy a home we expect it to last a life time. How many automobiles will we purchase over the course of a lifetime. Vehicles in the rust belt have a very short reliablity expectancy. Those in the Sunshine areas last longer barring no accidents.
So with all that being said, what do the Auto makers owe us for the enormous price they charge for their products?
If you could have a one-on-one with the 'Big Boss' or Bosses of any auto manufacture what would be some of the things you would ask for in a new vehicle? I'm talking of things that should be considered as standard equipment.

Consider some of the following. As a safety issue, every vehicle should be equiped with non corrosive brake lines, fuel lines, and fuel tank.
As a longevity issue all vehicles sold in the northern and coastal states should be equiped with non corrosive body panels and frames. Granted they are getting better but, there's nothing more depressing than watching a thirty five thousand dollar vehicle rust away.
The warranty period for any vehicle costing over twenty grand should be 100,000 miles or ten years which ever comes last with bumper to bumper for the first five years and fifty fifty for the second five.
At least twent five percent of their total vehicle production should get in excess of fifty miles per gallon of what ever they burn for fuel.
Am I being unrealistic?

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Here are a few of my questions: Why is everything f*#king plastic?
Why do you make cars that are only supposed to last for 10 years?
Why are all of your new cars so ugly?
Why do you disenfranchise our American workers?

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Well, IMHO, you're asking the auto companies to slash profits - they don't wanna make cars last for a long time. The oil companies don't want alternative fuels, nor do they want a car to travel 65-70 miles a gallon. Heck, if the cars were built that way, they'd lose money. Wildo provided some great info! As far as safety goes, I guess you get what you pay for, but I've never bought a new car. I'm fortunate to live in one of those places where a great home can be had for less than 100 grand.
I tell ya, if I could talk to Mr. Ford right now, I'd tell him to bring back more retro look cars - I think they sell better (Wildo would probably be the expert here); besides, they have most of the same safety features provided in all the jellybean look-a-likes out there.
If we go back to @1980, the age of the gas-guzzler was closing out and the age of the 'K' cars dawned. Eventually, safety became more and more of an issue (as it has throughout automotive history, I 'spose). Today, it's almost a Renaissance of sorts, what with the several retro-look cars and trucks out there and the many different makes available.
In the end, tho, I have to agree with ujt389 - I think, despite all the goodies out there on the cars, that corners are cut just the same as always.
Geez, typed so much my hands are cramping and I didn't say a darn thing,

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