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Hey Guys. First off it's been a while since I've been around the Mustang forums. I sold my beloved 07' GT/CS in 09' and just purchased a 12' GT500 for great good deal as they were blowing out the last of their 12's before spring. Love the car but the clutch feel seems like it could use some improvement.

The past couple years I've been playing around with some Nissan's and Infiniti's and developed a fully adjustable clutch pedal system for those cars that made the clutch pedal adjustable for stroke length and overall pedal height, initial friction point up from the floor, the width of the engagement zone and how firm or soft the pedal could be.

These variables are all adjustable and interacted with each other to make the clutches in these cars feel 100x better then stock, removed the extra long stroke, eliminated dead space at the bottom and made the engagement or modulation zone wider. It also eliminated/replaced the factory assist spring which caused similar problems as many 5.0 owners are experiancing at high rpm with the pedal sticking.

After driving the 12' GT500 and a Boss 302 it became quickly apparent that these cars all suffer from nearly identical clutch feel issues as the Nissan/Infiniti vehicles I've worked so hard to correct over the past year or two.

- The stroke is too long.
- The engagment is too high with a lot of dead space down at the floor.
- The engagment window up top is fairly short for a stock clutch.
- Firmness wasn't an issue for the Boss or GT500 but I see many 5.0 GT owners saying they're clutchs feel pretty heavy... don't know as I haven't driven one yet.
- Issues with the pedal sticking at high RPM- Ford TSB should have fixed this but many seem to still have issues after hard driving. Many theorys here but I may have a complete solution to perminantly correct it.

Now here's the question.
Would Mustang owners be interested in something like I was describing above, created specifically to address the Mustang's issues, was a bolt on, gave a level of adjustment & custom tayloring that typically just isn't available with hydraulic clutches and was a reasonable price?

Disclaimer I have absolutely nothing I'm selling in this post, have no Mustang products currently designed or even remotely available at this time and won't link or name my other products here.

I will however ask the question to my fellow Mustang owners much as I did when I saw the same problems on another vehicle I owned. The response to the other vehicles was pretty overwhelming and a non-stop borrage of good press and glowing customer reviews right from day 1.

So hopefully the Mods here are willing to entertain the question and humor me just a little for now. If any new product development should arise from this thread my first stop would be to pay my Vendor/Supporter status here as I already do on several other vehicle forums.

So would anyone be interested?
I welcome your thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Ryan J. Morgan

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Nice suggestion you wrote about the clutch pedal. I am also know a little bit about its fixation because i am not very expert in it so i am also learn a lot from these forums.
What kind of car you wrenching on there johnnyy?
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