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Admin: error msg when cancelling a post...still ongoing

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This has been going on for a while, months. I didn't mention it before, because I assumed you were working on it or would catch it yourself sooner or later.
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I see it too, but I get the following:

phpBB could not query the topics database.
SELECT pt.post_text, t.*, u.username, u2.username as last_poster, p.post_time FROM topics t LEFT JOIN users u ON t.topic_poster = u.user_id LEFT JOIN posts p ON t.topic_last_post_id = p.post_id LEFT JOIN users u2 ON p.poster_id = u2.user_id LEFT JOIN posts_text pt ON pt.post_id = t.topic_first_post_id WHERE t.forum_id = '1' ORDER BY topic_sticky DESC,topic_time DESC LIMIT -50, 50
I got this....

NPSHEK#$(_&*YW#_PNHW$_(@&#$)@H#C{@#_+N8 [email protected]$#*<#@)+$*&NBQ# F"SF"B O#$WY_{ RJ W})V(@#$G <+)*[email protected]#$()* F^YTN_

Which I had translated to: "stop screwing around and get some work done" I think it's Egyptian Heiroglyphics....
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Thanks for the heads up, we'll look in to it.
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