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Airbag Removal

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OK, OK, OK,..I want to get rid of that Airbag Steering Wheel in my 92 Mustang and replace it with a nice Grant unit. I do not care about the airbag. Surely, someone has done this before. I have heard there are complications with the horn if you do this. And Grant says they do not have an steering wheel adapter (bs). Any insight or help out there?
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Your airbag system will be disabled if you remove the airbag. You quite possibly will not pass inspection without it. If it came with it, you need it to pass.
I don't care about the inspection. I can always reinstall it.
I did it. No problem. If you still haven't done it, I can help. Just buy the adapter kit for the non airbag car. It doesn't look as clean as it would on the non airbag round steering coluem but it works. I also pulled all the sensors under the hood behind the headlights and such with no problems. Safety sucks!!!
The word I get is disconnect the battery and let the car sit for an hour or so. (I am in no hurry so I will let it sit overnight.) There are two screws behind the steering wheel and you remove them and Viola! You are on your way. I am not sure about what the sensors look like behind the headlights. But I will find out.

I cannot stand my 92 Steering Wheel and I intend on Open Tracking a little. I want a better feeling steering wheel. In fact I would prefer a 89 model Tilt Column or maybe a Flaming River or I Did It Steering Column. If any of you Mustang Guru's have some info on the Steering Column replacment feel free to respond.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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