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All Ford Show

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Anyone interested in going to So-Cal Galaxies All Ford Show in Anaheim on May 13. If you had a car at the Knotts show there was an entry form in the goodie bag. If not go to and you can get one there.
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I'm hoping to actually make it to this one! Be the first time I have if i make it.

My dad and I are thinking of going. I have the form. His is a modified Fairlane. Would we both be in V class?
Fakesnake, you both could be in class V or you in B and your Dad in M. It's up to you. I think class V was orginaly for Street Rods with those funny general motor motors in them.
what class do you recommend? We both would like to park together so we could probably go with V.
If you go with V you can park together. We are parking by class.
Bump to top.
I was all set to go to show this weekend and took my car in to change out torque converter. I ordered a higher stall speed and it took 3 weeks to make. Car is apart at tranny shop and I have to send torque converter back to re-do which will take another 2-3 weeks.

My dad and I may still make it with his car to show.
That's a bummer.
Hope you make it anyway.
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Look for the loudest car there and that will be my dad with matching paint job.


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