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well this 66 fairlane makes a thud sound when i hit potholes or deep manholes, i have a stiff setup globals, roler perches, spherical strut, and every time i hit a deep manholes, the wheel seems to chatter(more noise than bumpsteer it seems), but it might be the big thick front sway bar mount making shock noise, or the idler play or the combo of both.
the idler is new, but has a tiny bit of play by hand wiggling wheel(1/4inch), so i am thinking it is either the play magnified by the road, or the sway bar mount just making noise due to shock(not a problem i can get rid of that by welding on metal in the area to not only strengthen but to lessen the shock noise). so i ask you all what you think? anyone ever had this? i have broken the mount clear out of the frame twice, but after welding it back on real good, no more breakge in the past 3 years. wish i had a tiny cam to mount under there while im driving! then i could see rather than listen. thanks

PS this only happens on the right hand side(pass.)

this is why i have been wanting a manual rack just to see if it would cure it. but at the same time i am leaning towards the sway bar is just making noise to the frame, or probably both idler and sway combo.

guess i will take the bar off and drive it to see.

but please chime in if you have had this noise that sounds scarry, or if you have comments. thanks again.

66 FAIRLANE 500 2dr.

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