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ALLRIGHT lets see what's out there... anything you have ever owned, or drove for a while... like your folks car or lovers.... hmm


year..make..model & extended info..Action..sequence

1967.. ford.. mustang fastback..Still own..1
1987.. dodge.. dakota..blew up..2
1962.. chevy.. corvair monza spyder..Still own..3
1970.. ford.. mustang..crashed..4
1969.. vw.. squareback (used but not owned) owns..5
1987.. mazda..323..sold running..6
1980.. chevy.. c10 short bed 454 propane..sold parted out..7
1974.. vw.. bug autostick..sold running..8
1987.. ford.. e150 econoline van..blew up..9
1986.. chevy.. k10 blazer 4x4 (owned but not used)..sold running..10
1987.. ford.. mustang chp notchback..sold running..11 mustang coupe..crashed..12
1974.. chevy.. 3/4 ton camper special long bed pickup..Still own..13
1991.. ford.. mustang 5.0 notchback..Still own..14
1990..chevy..1 ton 454 4x4 crew cab long bed..Still own..15

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1965..Ford Mustang 2+2. First car and still owe and abuse..17yrs now
1990..Ford Ranger xlt..sold to dad and just totalled out last month
1996..Ford Explorer...put 80k+ miles on it before trans blew @175k.
2002..Ford Escape..honey wagon...
1991..Honda Civic hatch..don't shot me, it's the daily and 30+mpg..w/
194k miles on it..
That's all i've owed in 18 yrs of driving..

_________________"</a> BORDER="0" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="187">
65 2+2: 289,4sp, 3.80 posi, Weiand X-celerator, Holley 600 dp Stock 289 Heads w/1.6 rr, Tri-y's, electric fan and Ais Ram-Air
13.84 @100.65

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1964 Ford Falcon 2d Hardtop
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint
1966 Ford Fairlane
2002 Ford Ranger Edge
1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
1972 Mercury Capri GT
1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

In 9 years of driving. Right now I'm carless, but that will soon change

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'72 Chevy 3/4 ton truck - Folks car
'72 Chevy Vega - My first car!! 327 w/muncie 4-speed 12.35 best 1/4et
'74 Chevy Vega - 350/ turbo 400, ford 9" 11.2 something best 1/4 et
'68 Camaro - 454/powerglide, 9", backhalfed, 10.04 best 1/4 et..never could get it in the 9's.
'79 Mercury Marquis - first new car - piece of crap!
'81 Dodge - D50 pickup 2nd new car - ended up with a Buick V6 and 5 speed in the late '80's
'85 Ford Tempo - 3rd new car
'87 Taurus - 4th new car - loved it
'88 Mustang GT - wish I had it back
'91 Ford Tempo - basic transportation
'94 Volvo 850 wagon 5th new car- still going
'94 Cadillac STS with the Northstar - Fast piece of crap
'01 Ford F150 Super Crew 6th new car - Great truck
'02 Toyota Avalon - 7th new car - wife's daily driver
'03 Ford Expedition - 8th new car 100k and still going
'06 Mazda MX-5 (miata) - 9th new car - my everyday car
'68 Mustang coupe - fully restored for my daughter in 2002
'67 Mustang coupe - restomoded for, and with, my son...aka "thekingofazle"

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1966 Mustang six cylinder coupe (had a/c, p/s, p/b and pony interior-too bad it was a 6 cylinder)
1969 Ford Country Squire station wagon (had a 302 that worked so hard to get it moving)
1971 Mercury Cougar convertible (had a 351C that got it moving and lit up the tires big time)
1977 Buick Regal (a real piece of crap that blew up at 60,000 miles)
1977 Bronco Ranger last of the bobtails, had p/s, disc brakes, auto and was a great truck, too bad those things rusted out so much)
1980 Mercury Capri ( a six cylinder w/ a few mods that could flat out haul ass)
1984 Ford Thunderbird (throttle body 302 that had grunt up until 20 mph and then fell on it's face, what a pig of an engine)
1990 Toyota Camry (okay car, nothing to write home about, boring)
2000 VW passat (a problem car from day one, but really fun to drive and hard to not keep it under 100 mph on the highway sometimes. love/hate relationship)
1968 Mustang convertible (fastest car I've ever had, a real money pit, but it's fun and it scares me sometimes!)
1972 Ford Country Squire-bought for $400 (will fix it up someday)

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64 Chrysler New Yorker s/w
59 fairlane
53 Ford 2 door
59 cheby
73 delta 88
73 Dart
71 Dodge 9 pasanger s/w
73 Fury III
76 Cutlass still have
64 International 4dr. truck still have
88 Camaro
88 Bereta
79 AMC Concord still have
61 comet still have
74 pinto turning it into a sleeping trailer
89 Volvo junk ( T-boned) still have
Old Late Model Lite Race Car still have chaisse and bunches of body skins and a couple of motors laying abound.


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1949 Chevy truck, short bed, custom cab w/3 windows on the back of the cab, 283 v-8, 3 speed on the floor and big L60's for traction.
1964 Ford Futura, came stock with a 260 and a Ford-O-Matic. I built a hot little 289, with C-4 and 411's (still have)
1951 Ford F-? pick up with I-6 flat head that use to belong to my Grand Dad.
1974 Fiat Sports Coupe. Found it at a local bone yard years ago and they had not put it in the yard yet. Had a 4 speed shift, the seats were way down low on the floor. The guy said it would not start thought it was a fuel issue. I bought it for 300.00 put a 30.00 fuel pump in it and drove it for three years, Great running little car.
!976 Cherokee Super Chief, 360 V-8, 4Vcarb, Eldebrock intake, headers, Warren wench, lift kit, 33" rubbers, tow pack, 4spd w/granny gear and CB radio. Many trips to Baja. I loved this truck!
1974 BMW 320 I
VW Vanagon, I do not even remember what year it was? Great on sand and dirt roads in Baja.
1968 Dodge Dart w/slant 6 (still have)
1987 Chevy Astro Van, This van also made many Baja trips use to bottom out on dirt roads.
1989 Izuzu Trooper (still have) Great rock crawler.
1963 Falcon Futura (still have)
1964 Falcon Sprint (still have)

Ahhhhh, good times!
Ras Daniel

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1st car 1965 mustang 2+2, still own and love it.

2nd 1996 Chevy z71-sold

3rd- 1991 Acura NSX-sold, best handling and most fun not daily driver though.

4th- 2006-f250 great power, fun truck but to big for me

5th 1989 toyota pickup- rock crawler, still own

6th-2004 bmw m3. daily driver, very fun car, 340hp and can take it down the dragstrip or twisites.

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64 Olds Delta 98 wagon
Most of a 67 Mustang (missing a large amount of the nose)
67 Mustang
67 Falcon
70 Mustang
75 Mustang II V8
76 Mustang II 4
76 Pinto
79 Trans Am
79 Sunbird
84 Escort
84 Mustang
86 Mustang
90 Bronco II
94 T-Bird
94 Exploder
2001 Super Crew
2004 Super Crew
2006 Ranger


1967 Falcon 4 door w/351C - Owner built, owner abused.
70 Mustang 302 / 06 Ranger, 04 SuperCrew parts hauler

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In chronological order;
1970 Mustang (1st car bought when I was 13, stolen when I was 19)
'68 Stang
'66 Stang
'70 Stang
'64 Fairlane
'64 Fairlane
'63 Fairlane
'64 Galaxie
'64 Fairlane
'64 Galaxie
'82 E250
'00 Windstar
'94 Escort
'96 Aerostar

Still own my first '64 Fairlane, and '64 Galaxie, the Aerostar,
Windstar and Escort.

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Well I have the following, and these are ONLY the ones since getting married the second time...
1949 Chrysler Club Coupe
1979 Toyota P/U 4X4
1983 Toyota Cellica
1987 Plymouth Voyager
1988 Plymouth Voyager
1989 Plymouth Voyager
"C" Reg. Mini Cooper (1985 to us americans)
"E" Reg. Renault (forgot the model)
1957 Mercury Montclair Phaeton 4-Door Sedan
1964 Ford Thinderbird
1961 Ford Falcon
2000 Jeep Cherokee
1967 F-100
1970 F-100
1967 F-250 (Camper Special Very Low Production#)
1983 WV Rabbit
1966 Ford Mustang
1974 Chevy Luv
1946 Willy's CJ2A
1942 Willy's CJ2A
1985 Chrysler LeBaron Convert.
1980 Honda Civic Wagon
1985 Toyota Corolla GTX
1985 Mustang Ghia
1983 F-250 4X4
1974 Chevy Nova 4 door
1988 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

There are a few more but I cannot remember at the moment, the last count the wife and I compiled was 29 total in out 15 years together..
All car's were either owned for more than a year or had more than 1,000 miles put on them by one of the two of us..

Thanks for the fond memories


I'm so depressed... My doctor refused to write me a prescription for Viagra. He said it would be like putting a new flagpole on a condemned building...

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'79 Pontiac Grand Prix 301/TH200 3 speed
'74 Chevy pickup 4x2 long bed...hotrod 468. Parts chaser
'72 Chevy pickup short bed 4x2. Gave it away. 283 (transplanted) TH350
'75 Chevy pickup 4x2 short bed totalled.
'83 El Camino 3.8 V6/TH350 with a shift kit. Go figure. rolled it.
'82 Elcamino 3.8 Buick V6/TH200 3 speed. "warmed" over 3.8 buick..ran good for a V6.
'85 Ranger 2.0/5 speed.
'91 Ranger 3.0/5 speed...put 212,000 miles on it...bought it with 79,000
'93 Ranger 2.3/5 speed...daily driver for a couple years.
'71 Maverick 2 door. Project that never went anywhere.
'73 Maverick 4 door. All original 33,000 original miles.
'74 Maverick 2 door..the famous turbo 302 maverick...that thing had more drivetrain combinations that I can shake a stick at. Fun car. Wish I had it back (or one just like it)
'75 Maverick 2 door...still have it.
'77 Maverick 4 door for parts.
'76 Maverick 4 car.
'84 Capri 5.0/5 speed. Fun car. Owned it 1 day & sold it.
'95 F150 5.0/M5OD 4x2 reg cab. Good truck. Had over 300K on it when I traded it off.
'03 Lightning. Still have it.
'84 Mustang GT 5 speed. Wish I had never sold it. NICE car.
'84 SVO...another one I wish I had kept.
'85 Mustang LX 5.0/auto. GAVE it away too. Noone wanted to pay for it. New owner drove it home about 250 miles...and not a single problem.
'00 F150. STill have it.
'78 Fairmont...still have's drag car.
'84 Mustang LX...bracket car...still have that one too.
'00 Dodge intrepid R/T. Turd.
'86 Olds Delta 88 3.8/auto. Thing would smoke the front tires forever.
'78 Buick Regal 3.8. I don't miss that thing one bit!
'79 Pontiac station wagon...350 (X engine). Put a million miles on it. Literally.
'36 Chevy pickup project. Ran out of money & sold it for good profit.
'27 T. Ran out of money & gave it away.

There's about 15 others that I can't think of right off the top of my head right now. '82 Reliant K...'86 Aries (turbo), '89 (IIRC) Lazer (turbo II) among others. Damn that's a lot of cars I've had...and I'm only 31 yrs old.

"it is better to appear ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"--Mark Twain

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On 2007-01-29 09:42, 67fastback wrote:
ALLRIGHT lets see what's out there... anything you have ever owned, or drove for a while... like your folks car or lovers.... hmm
......A few years ago I made a list, stopped at 207 cars owned and I likely forgot a few. I've bought more cars since. The first was that '55 Ford I posted about and the last that I bought were my two old racers last summer. In between?......


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1971 Pinto
1979 Fiesta
1968 Mustang (1 owner, parent's car, still own)
1966 Mustang GT (1 owner, parent's car, still own)
2002 Subaru WRX

I'm not counting 15 years' worth of company cars,
that list is far too long..........

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1970 VW Bug
1970 SAAB
1980 ish Celica
1990 Celica
1990 Saab
1994 Mountaineer
1994 Full Size Blazer
1967 Galaxie
2000 Contour
1965 AC Cobra Kit Car

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1st car - '74 Mustang II 4 banger - and I lived
2nd car - '84 Plymouth Reliant - and I lived through that one, too
3rd car - '66 Ford Galaxie - 289 and she drove fine
4th car - '67 Mustang - smooth runner and louder than a cheap suit
5th car - '66 Galaxie 4 door
6th car - '65 Galaxie 2 door - Peacock Green and primer workcar for 4 years
7th car - '98 Grand Marquis
8th and current - '63 Galaxie

Geez, I didn't realize I'd owned so many.

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1971 Mercury Montego MX-302 2v auto
1983 Nissan Pulsar-Sewing machine engine 5spd
1965 Ford Falcon Futura-289 2v auto 4dr kinda rare
1973 Chrysler Cordoba-360 Police auto
1976 Ford Thunderbird-460 auto
1973 Ford LTD-400M auto
1970 Camaro-350 2v auto
1979 Honda CIVIC-sewing machine engine 5spd
1982 Chrysler Lebarron-Mitsubishi engine auto
1979 Buick regal-V6 4spd
19?? Chevette
1978 Ford Tbird-351W auto
1997 Mercury Cougar-4.6LTR auto 4spd
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra-DOHC 32valve Aluminum 4.6LTR 5spd
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 PU-318 4spd auto
1995 Toyota Camry-4cyl spd
1996 Toyota Tacoma PU-4cy 4spd auto 4WD (Miss this truck)
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra-V6 4spd auto (Good runner can be had cheap)
1979 Mercury Grand Marquis-351W 3spd auto (Daily driver for past 2yrs or so unitl gas was over $3)
2005 Toyota Camry-4cyl 5spd auto-Good car but mind numbingly boring. Honest 32MPG HWY if you dont go over 55mph)
And of course...the car in my signature!!!

Factory 65 Galaxie 500 390/4v

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muh ha ha! thats sure a bunch of SWEEEEET cars...
seems to me that all those lists would be interesting to feed into a database to do queries like... second most common make, most common year... but we NEED MORE DATA = PEOPLES RIDES for that....hmm so here is my friends list:

1964 Corvair 110hp coupe
1958 Karmann Ghia baja cut
1966 Corvair CORSA 140hp
1966 Corvair CORSA turbo
1983 Toyota 4x4 pickup SR5
1972 Toyota Landcruiser V-8 FJ-40
1985 Honda Prelude Si
1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-55
1978 Toyota Landcruiser V-8 FJ-40
1978 Camaro Z-28 engine donor for the cruiser
1991 Fj-80 Landcruiser
1993 Toyota 4x4 xtra cab v-6 pickup
1994 Toyota 4x4 xtra cab v-6 pickup
1998 F-150 4x4 stepside
1966 Chevelle SS396
1969 Chevelle SS396 blue
1974 3/4 ton truck 454 engine donor for the Chevelle
1969 Chevelle SS396 black w/white
1969 Camaro SS/RS 350

hmmm he says he is a chevy guy.... BUT he daily drives the FORD f150 and relies upon it to live, make money, his families safe transportation... his honeymoon last month (2500 miles) WHATS the deal with that ...
my web server:

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67 cougar 289
67 falcon 289
70cougar convert 351c 2v(that car screwed mad burnouts)
75 monza factv8
toyota celica (donation from family freind)
81 f150
79 bronco
79 c10
79 buick reagal stock car 1/4 mile oval
67 cougar
98 ext cab pickup
68 falcon finaly found what i wanted
68falcon and another one
67 falcon bought this one back 15 years later
68 falcon fact ac 6 cyl needs resto
67 falcon latest buy and in the best shape of them all
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