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Need some advice on some parts that work best for my 390
The engine consists of 4.10 bore block, ported C4AE 6090G heads, 427 victor intake, solid flat tappet cam.

What I need is gaskets, rings, rod&main bearings, timing set, oil pump + whatever else is needed to assemble.

Would like opinions on the needed parts.
What is worst , good , better , best.

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I got a re-ring kit and gasket set from Clegg auto machine in Utah, through ebay, for like $200. Had Felpro and Clevite stuff. Gasket kit had something wrong, can't remember what but they sent me the big one for free, even included manifold donuts!

Don't forget to install the oil pump shaft with the pump.
Remember to install the bypass hose before you put on the water pump.
Attach the A/T to the radiator before you install the fan shroud.
The driver side engine mount is a b*tch to get the bolts started.
The bolt to the P/S & A/C bracket can be reached with an extension.
Get yerself a $15 thread chaser kit from Summit.
If you get a post-1968 front damper you'll need a shorter timing pointer.
If the side seals of the rear seal are too fat to fit, grind them down to fit.
Use a 12 ga bore brush and a turkey baster to flush the oil galleys.
Don't forget the oil galley between the rocker stand bolt and the block.
A 4100 carb may not fit on the intake without vacuum gaps underneath.
Cut a 45 degree angle on the ends of the front and back intake gaskets.
When you set the intake try to level it where it meets the top of the head.
If it won't level, smoothen it with black RTV and let that set up overnight.
If the cam dowel is too short to turn the eccentric put something behind it.
Don't overtighten bolts on aluminum parts like water neck and intake.
Don't pound the freeze plugs in too far.

That about covers the mistakes I made!

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Dig around Ebay and Home page for some decent prices

I like Federal Mogul or King bearings, I had a few Clevite that delaminated in the mid 2002-2005 now I try not to use them, but will if I need a set quickly.

Felpro is a good gasket set, but stay away from Printoseal intake gaskets. If you have a set, put them on the shelf and buy some Mr Gasket or pretty much any other brand than Printoseal, Felpro blue without the silicone is good too

For rings, measure your ring lands, if they are 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 buy a cheap set of Moly for the bore size, if they are 3/32, 5/64, 3/16 (factory Ford) they are a little harder to find, but they are out there, find a good moly coated. If you have to, cast iron works fine but a little harder to break in
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