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Aluminum SCJ Head leaks

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I put a set of the new SCJ Heads on my 460, F350 4X4. I did retorque the heads @ 600 miles. I have noticed a small anti-freeze leak, drivers side when the truck has set for a day or two, on the cold days, under 30. After it is warm or on a warmer day like today 40+ it dosent leak at all. Seems to seep at the #5 cylinder area only. Enough to se a spot under the truck. The block was decked prior to assembly by the best machinest in the area, so I don't suspect that. I used Felpro head gaskets with compresson thickness of .051 I live in Minot North Dakota, the temps can be from 20 in the mornings & to 65 by afternoon. So is this typical of aluminum heads to leak when cold, or should I be looking into different head gaskets?
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Hey Beo and Head... He said the Block was Newly decked by the best machinist around.... Therefore that pretty much rules out a bad block surface righ toff the bat....
The new scj heads probably should have went to the machinist to be checked and touched up if necessary... There's always a chance they were slightly off, even being new.

Not having played with a 460 and aluminum heads I can let your machinist's last comment slide for a few moments, but, his one less head bolt comment came out of his arse... I run an '83 F-250 460 4V 4 X 4, and... That's just a silly (or is that ass of nine???
) comment... The head gasket should let NOTHING out of the engine bro...

Anyhow... I hope she keeps on truckin' for ya bro, for 100K and more!


I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have ourselves!

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