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I am looking for a cam to run in my 5.0 im building
this is what I have so far
.030 302 roller balanced stock bottom end
flat top pistons (fly cut) TRW forged
ported 70' model 351w heads 1.94/1.60
ported stock intake or ported explorer (not decided) 70mm Accufab TB
1.6 roller rockers BBK 1 5/8 unequal short headers C&L 73mm mass air 24lb inj
here is the specs of the cam
Hydr Roller 1600-5600
adv dur 266/274 @.050 216/224 lift .544/.555
IVO 25 IVC 61 EVO 73 EVC 21
tell me what you guys think?
im looking for a good street combo, want to shift a 6k my car is a 5sp and gonna have 3.73 gears
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