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Another great one lost....

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I know he isn't associated with cars much, but Saturday music legend Buck Owens passed away at age 76. I grew up listening to some of his great music (and being entertained by Hee-Haw) while wrenching and riding...trully one of the grand fathers of the rock-a-billy style...not too country, not too rock...just right!
You will be missed Buck!

P.S. I know he not really an auto related person, but I am sure he has many fans here as well. But there was a fantastic interview with him (and he doesn't normally grant interviews) in the April 2006 Car Kulture Deluxe magazine.

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Thanks Humphrey. Buck was a friend, not real close but a friend. My buddy Charlie Harris was his one time road manager. The last time that I saw him was in the 70,s at the Coconut Grove Club in Chatlotte NC. Had a damn good time that night. Good memories

BTW: Remember " I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water"??


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Heard about this yesterday.
A friend of mine works for the local paper on the weekends & he told me as soon as it came off the AP wire.

He was actually born not too far from where I am, over in Sherman, Texas.

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I was never a big Hee Haw fan but I loved alot of Bucks music.I used to walk around in diapers strumming a plastic guitar and singing "tiger by the tail" about as soon as I could speak a few words.. It was a big shock for me to hear of his death.I didn't know he had been diagnosed with throat cancer a few years back.
Thanks for posting it! I didn't hear until this post...... I am very saddened! My Father played with him in Oklahoma at a friend of Buck's house Way the hell back in the day as he was hitch-hiking up to the northern end of Greenland... I've alway's listened to his music and when the Hee_Haw show came on my dad made us watch (the first time... after that we didn't need urging) because he'd met him sometime earlier while in the Service hitch-hiking... neat story when your'e young...
I'll definitely miss him!
not to worry about this not being car related. Buck was a car guy. he had a convertible Pontiac on the wall behind the bar at his Crystal Palace. had a set of steer horns across the front of the hood. rest of the car is covered guns. he used to drive it in parades and around town. it's been non stop Buck in the local media since saturday.
"Tall Dark Stranger" is my favorite Buck Owens song. I made up a CD for in the Shotrod and it's on one of them.

Yea I can remember my folks going to see him in California I think several times in the early 60's, I think the place was called the Cow Pallice, I remember watching him on Hee Haw too. I kind of liked "Tiger By the Tail" song.. I used to work at (Or actualy my dad wa running) a Enco Gas Station and there mascot was a Tiger.. and the saying was put a Tiger in your tank..
JOKE We had
You know how to get a tiger in your tank don't ya.............................
you put his front feet in .................
you put his head in ................................................
and you kick him in the gas hole................................................ LOL
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the beatles cut his act naturally, and ray charles did crying time. not too bad for an ol country boy.
I don't know if you ever watched "Hee Haw" many years back, but that is where I was introduced to him and his music...this is a pic of him and Roy Clark together on the show (he is in the red shirt)....

It was a country/bluegrass themed show...with some good ol" weird humor involved too! Another one from the show most people know is Minnie Pearl, and her hat with the tag always hanging down.

I'm not into country music, but it is one of those fond memories from my childhood, watching it with my Dad...he was a farmboy, loved his Bluegrass and Country music. It is funny, I say I am not into country, but I loved Buck Owens music...

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And grampa in the cornfield telling us what was for dinner! Minnie Pearl and Hooooowwww dee! with her tags on her hats.

I remember saying when i was a teenager how his son buddy, poor guy looks just like his dad. I was an evil girl. I just don't remember anything he sang even when he sang with his dad on the show.
Let's be honest with ourself: the mule or jackass on the show was a fair resemblance to the great Buck Owens. I suppose it was intended..
Dooom Despair, and Agony on me...... Wooooooah....

I remember lots of skits from HeeHaw, because my dad would watch it to remind him of home...
The muel was definitely carrying a resemblance...
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Old Buck was a car guy...he had some nice Hot rods. There is a interesting story in this Rat Rod magazine before he died.


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