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Another obscure skill learned

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Guys, I thought I’d share a little trick I learned yesterday with the help of the nice people at Auto City Classic. I am working on installing my windshield for my XL convertible and wanted to do the Carlite etching before putting the glass in for good. The new windshields always seem to have a very conspicuous marking on them (unlike the side glass that seems to print the required information discreetly on the outer perimeter where it is hidden when installed). In the past I’ve just lived with this imperfection, and ended up with windshields with two etchings on them in different spots. I tried heat, solvents, scraping with a razor blade. Nothing seemed to remove the stubborn and durable black transfers, so I was literally stuck with them. I reached out to Auto City Classics to see if they had any tips for removal of these. I understand they will date-code your class for you on request, so I thought maybe that had figured out a way to get this done. Well, they were nice enough to share with me that muriatic acid is, in fact, the secret solvent for this ink. Well, I just happened to have some on hand, and what do you know, it worked great. They also mentioned that a faint “ghost image” would still be there, but would polish off. I used some super duty rubbing compound, and removed all traces…check it out…

Road surface Asphalt Tar Font Sidewalk

Automotive tire Bottle Fluid Tire Plastic bottle

Road surface Asphalt Tints and shades Wood Bumper

Water Hood Road surface Asphalt Wood

…and now for a “proper” etching…
Asphalt Road surface Wood Font Automotive tire

Now, I know most guys don’t care about such things, and I also know it is federally mandated that this information is printed on glass. I have exactly zero times looked at a glass etching and felt a feeling of safety and security wash over me once I knew it was AS1 or AS2 glass. I feel like these logos and fonts just don’t fit the esthetic of a vintage car. Some day another weirdo may come along who is interested in removing one of these, so here’s to you, future traveler, glad I could save you some trouble.
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Very cool! (y)

Where did you purchase the windshield?
I got it from Auto City Classics in Minnesota. I’ve had great experiences with them in the past.
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Where would I go to get the age appropriate stencil that says “Carlite” on it? Did you make it yourself?
Yes, I made the stencils. I have considered making these for others if they wanted on a limited basis.

I do much more than glass etching, but I have shared more of that because it is something others have not covered. If you guys are interested in my block-sanding, I can post lots of pics! ;)
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What is the type of acid used in the etching process?
I’ve been using Armour Etch. One bottle is a lifetime supply. It actually doesn’t identify the ingredients, but I’m pretty sure it’s hydrofluoric acid. It only takes about 1 min to 90 sec to get a nice deep etching.

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Trunk

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Car

and now for some real excitement…

Tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle

Vehicle cover Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood

trying to obsessively get the planes of each body panel in perfect alignment sighting down the car. My hardtop has the full-length moulding, but this bead is such a tricky (and important) feature looking down the side. I’m within striking distance. Liking my door gaps too. I’m sanding across all the panels and gaps on the whole side. I just needed to justify the quarter to door first…rinse and repeat!
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I just recently picked up a PMK Diamond (Thailand company) Galaxie windshield from Auto City Classic.

It has no DOT marking. No marking at all. Nothing.

Should I be worried?
I wouldn’t be…that’s what I was hoping I’d get.
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