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The headlight trim on my 66 was in horrid shape, it had been in a crash and someone tried to fix it with a chisel from the back side and it was beat and nicked all over, so bad my son had tossed them in the trash! Well since there are still plenty of make it go parts we need I decided to try and work on them.
I did not take any before pics as I was really just trying to learn something new. I started off with a trick I knew from my other hobby RC car racing, that was to use easy off to strip the coating off I have seen other ways posted here but trust me this works well. I did each part 2 times and let set 30 min between, cleaning after each coat. I then just hammered and sanded polished and shaped till to my surprise they came out fairly nice. now I know that to most of you they will not look worthy and I will replace them at some point but I am happy with the results and the pics don't do them justest I also still need to seal them that will clear up all the streaks. sorry for the long post but if you dont need show quality and are not afraid of some hard work this is a doable project and if yours are not bent and mangled you should get stellar results.


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