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I just noticed a few drops of antifreeze under my cougar with C4. Looks like it must have dripped out of the trans fluid lines that go to the radiator. About half way between radiator and trans there is a section of rubber hose around the lines, that is where it looks like it dripped from.

There should be only trans fluid in these lines right ? I know that is how it is on the 700r4 on my old suburban.

It appears only antifreeze, and no trans fluid is what dripped.

My guess is that antifreeze is leaking into the lines in the cooler in the radiator.

Should I just get a new radiator ? Is there likely damage to the transmission ?

Also, I have driven the car very little. It has a reverse manual valve body in it. It seems the only way to get it into first is to come to a complete stop, otherwise shifting into the 1st position, it stays in second. Is this correct for a reverse manual ?

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i was having trouble with my trans fluid going through the radiator so i just by-passed the radiator by installing a stand-alone trans cooler ,that fixed the problem.this way you know there is not going to be anything leaking into your trans lines and it cools alot better too

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#1- The transmission cooler lines run through the radiator so the water is cooling the transmission fluid.
If you remove or install these lines without holding the connections with a second wrench the solder will crack on the radiator causing water to leak.
I had the same problem with my old radiator and the connections resoldered in a radiator shop.
Most likely there is no water in your cooling lines, proberbly the water ran to the lowest point (your rubber connection).

#2- The reverse manual valve body has mostlikely the "no transmission braking" option. I have the same type in my car.
This will have the following symptoms:
-when you pull off in 1st gear to lets say 5000rpm and you get off the throttle, it looks like the transmission goes to neutral. This is because of the oneway clutch (output shaft of tranny turning faster then input shaft). Lets say you coast down enough then if you increase the engine RPM, it will start driving the wheels again (when engine rpm is greater then output shaft rpm).

I find this option great, you can also shift from 2nd gear back to 1st at lets say 50mph, the gearbox shifts to 1st gear, but you don't feel/notice it because the output shaft is driven by the wheels at a higher speed then the input shaft.

Hope it is a little bit clear.

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