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I have an opportunity to purchase a "Top Gun" nitrous system for $150 and the guy I'm buying it from doesn't know much about the system except that the solenoids are still wrapped, the brackets are missing, and the bottle is chrome but used.

I searched the web on this but couldn't find anything definite. How many types of Top Gun systems do they offer? I read on a site that it was capable of pumping out 75HP to 300HP.

Any information on this system would be greatly appreciated.


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If it's the Stage 5, 100-300hp kit like mine, I would be most comfortable limiting it to around 200-250. I never took mine above the 200hp mark. I don't think you're going to get MUCH more than 200hp out of it, but you might. The jets at the 250 and 300 hp stages are awfully big. I'd say the main restriction at that level will be the solonoids.

For $150, it's a good kit and a good deal.... especially if it comes with a bottle. That is worth at least half the price of the kit.

The plate is a good design that works well with Ford single plane intakes.

The 200hp stage pushes my car from 113-114 to 129.3 mph in the 1/4!

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