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any one do a t-5 swap into a 68 or 67 stang?

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well im doing mine and its a small block c4 car with an 8" rearend and i was wondering those of u who have used the modern driveline cross member what did u have to do to ur driveshaft to finish the swap????? shorten? lengthen? put a longer c4 yoke i jus want some feed back so i know what i am going to be faced with when i get to that point! oh yeah thanx in advance!
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I used the stock C4 crossmember and modified it a little, the drive shaft ended up not needing shortened; this was in my 68 stang but things may vary from car to car
ujt389 what kinda car did u do the swap in?
sorry its a 67 mustang coupe with a 289 and a C4 auto. Now its a latemodel 302 with a T5. you can PM me eith any other specific questions.
Mike, how much did you end up having to modify the original crossmember? Does it have to be cut, reshaped, what?

I have access to an extra stock one, so I'd rather use it if possible, rather than paying over $100 USD for something fabricated. Trying to piece stuff together for a T-5 swap into my 68 Cougar, which is a small block C4 / 8" axle car. Did you use the original mount as well?


Ed N.
I just drilled new holes, foward of the original holes. The side of the crossmember needed to be flattened a bit with a hammer in order to not contact the trans. It's worked well, and if you think about is all it does is provide a place for the trans to rest. It doesn't look great but it works and at the time I did the swap I didn't want to dish out that kind of money for a couple bucks in welded metal. I've never had reason enough to change to an aftermarket piece so it will stay for now.
The cross member brand shouldn't impact the driveshaft length.
Here is a link I used when installing my TKO500. I think the FMS 79-95 double hump crossmember looks great. I actually flatened the right side hump some for a better fit.

Good luck, I also had to shorten my drive shaft going from a 4 speed top loader to a TKO.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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