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Any one have a extra 64 2 door window?

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i need one, and the classifieds arent letting me post for some reason.... its for a 1964 2 door 500.
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I would try ebay for sure, I always find crap there. If they don't have it selling, most times if they are parting on out they have it ready to be posted. Also some salvage yards across the US have it, for example. Look at in the members classifieds or even business classifieds.
ha ha ha, .......... i actually found and bought one on ebay..... but it was my luck that i assumed it was a 2 door galaxie and it ended up being a 4 door, so the SOB doesnt fit.... it is also the seller fault for never putting it on the auction.
where are you located? i got one, let me know
Check Ebay right now, type in 1964 galaxie glass and you should see them, there is a few. It's a fairly new posting.
I just saw some on ebay also
i need the rear window sorry.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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