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I have deal with good header manufacturer to get "tailor made" headers to my -72 Torino (with 351 Cleveland 4V engine).


After many months investigations I'm sure you can't find any standard headers (Hookers, Hedman, Trickflow, Dynamax, Flowtech etc.) which flow and fit well to my Torino.Typically header tubes are very narrow, and pressed dents due tubes overcrossing.

So, I will drive my car to header manufacturer and this company CEO has promised to make special headers what is my need.
Working time what they need is one week (car must be there in their shop)...

I can ask: if they produce the first headers are they ready to manufacturer "small series" in same time?

If you are interested keep me informed. I'll collect "group" of persons which has the same problem. Maybe I success to get some discounts when purchase more than one header set :) ...

PS. If someone really know any "standard" headers which are really good, could you please keep me informed. I don't know any USA header specialist/manufacturer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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