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A place called (I think), Motorsport
Design and Engineering? I think their
ads said MD&E (or maybe my memory is
A friend of mine is having problems
with the carburetor on a 1985 Mustang
GT. They've got a Ford Master Tech
involved in what they're doing, which
I believe is trying to pre-smog the
car. (something we do out in Calif
when there's a new/modified engine
Anyway, they have determined that
the carb is the main contributing
factor to why it's not making the
numbers. Beyond that, I don't know
any details. And don't really want
to get too involved in it.....
The MD&E place had been written up in
several magazines a few years back as
being very competant with working on
and modifying that particular carb.
Anybody remember these guys or have
a phone number?
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