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Saw a guy at the swapmeet- had every clip on earth(except rocker clips for a 06 mustang), bought a bunch of stuff from him- anyway, anyone needing something heres his website:
email [email protected]

never seen such an organized setup at a swapmeet- think I bought a dozen different types, didnt take him more than 30 seconds to find any of them.
wanted to throw a link up here as I lose business cards all too often-he even had the rear glass clips for the I searched for a month for those darn things before drilling the roof for the newer type...see them on ebay once in a while, but its potluck. this dude has everything!!!

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Looks like he might have those clips that a screw goes into on a door panel also. I haven't looked for one...yet. But know if I get to replacing mine, if my hammer repair on one doesn't work I can get one here I bet. I just keep pushing the screw back in for now.

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