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I'm a classic guy (66), and am considering throwing a pile of money at front and rear 12.19" Wilwoods all around (likely 6 piston up front and 4 piston in back). I have Granadas up front and drums in back, which work better than all-drums that were on it 15 years ago, but driving anything remotely modern makes me yearn for something more effective (my 09 focus' OE brakes are substantially better, for example).

I had long assumed my 15" wheels wouldn't work with anything much more effective than what I have. However, I was browsing Wilwood's kits and noted that the 12.19" rotor kits are supposed to work with 'most' 15" wheels. While several have noted that standard 4piston calipers won't have a ton more stopping power than stockers, the 6 piston ones should. And the extra rotor area (vs 10.75" for granadas), plus rear brakes actually contributing, should help as well, both with fade and some stopping power. And my granadas have some minor bumpsteer and high speed 'floatiness', which going back to Mustang spindles might help with.

Many articles reviewing the Wilwood kits seem to suggest they'll work with most 15" wheels, though searches online seem to suggest its more mixed (though then again, peple are more likely to post complaining about lack of fit than the reverse). And very few Ford examples that I can find.

Specifically, I have 15x7" AR Torq Thrusts, 3.75" backspacing. Anyone running them or anything similar on 12.19" Wilwood rotors?
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