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anyone running a turbocharged carb

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just wondering what kind of gains are to be had, and heres a possible for you all.
i cant afford, nor do i know if it would work on a 2 or 4 bbl. i have a 4bbl and intake, but now i am running the 2bbl, seems like it would be silly to add a turbo w/ a 2bbl, but you never know there might be some nice gains to be had as well, i really want a paxton! any tips, advice, or experiences? i would love to hear. thanks
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That T66 won't support 750 HP like it's advertised. Well, it might....but the tune had better be spot on and it better have an intercooler that has better than 100% efficiency...

I've done a blow through turbo with a Holley 4bbl a few years ago. It was a lot of work. I just used an old Powerstroke diesel turbocharger, some exhaust pipe and an old set of headers flipped over and one of them turned backwards. It worked....and worked well. Initially to get it up & running it took less than $500 (used parts).

I love turbos. Doubling HP and torque is easy with a turbo. A normally aspirated 302 from a Mustang can easily make 450+ HP with a little boost. A 351w can do even more, reliably. And that is with a junkyard engine with 8:1 compression cast pistons.
i like the sound of that comb


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