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Anyone stroke an FE?

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The stoker kit for my FE 390 came in earlier this week. It should punch out to around 433 ci so I thought I'd check and see if anyone had one, its a kit from Scat, and all I could find were based on Windsors or the 460 platform. I already know that I am odd but am I the only one using the FE platform?
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Thanks. Your Stang looks mean! I love the old fastbacks. Don't see many around here though. I need to take a new picture that is a little cleaner yours. The stroker kit came directly from Scat Crankshafts. I believe the 416 is the smallest kit they have then it goes to around 433 and the big boy goes up over 450 ci. My Galaxie is pretty heavy so I went bigger than the 428 crank. Need the torque to get her moving. The nitrous helps but I usually don't juice the 390 until she's moving.
I can't remember much of details. They changed so much since we orderd them in December...and they finally showed up Saturday. I know we will be running Edelbrock heads, Thunder series 800 cfm carb, Performer - RPM manifold, and FPA headers. Using a Comp cam with 230 duration but I can't remember the rest. The machine shop doing the work has thrown so many numbers and options at me that I finally told him to do whatever he felt would fit the way I drive.

Ujt389: Thanks for the compliment. The car is running 16" Torque Thrust II's instead of the 15" Phat Fives in the picture.

As you can probably tell...I don't know a whole lot about motors. Just enough to get myself in to trouble.

64 Galaxie 500 XL (constantly morphing)

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