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anyone want a C-6?

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I know I know everyone already has one in their garage... But I had to ask....

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How far are you from Hastings? I'll be making a trip up there, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn't sell on Ebay I might be interested.
Naaaaah... Pricey Schmicey..... Try finding a good one where YOU live Gchero....

Oh.... Duuuuhhh, you do live near buy, gosh i'm so RETARDED!

Alan, you're pretty much 80 miles away depending on which of the 5 Hastings you live in it could be as close as 65 or so as a guesstimate...
Got a truck you're doing? Or need a tranny with a tougher backsides like this one?

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Derrrr... what's this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hmmmmm dunno....
OOPS! Sorry, I thought you were still in Nebraska. Never mind.
Dang.... So apparently there's a Hastings in Nebraska too... I forgot all about that one... Sorry bro!

Do 66 Tbirds always have c6 trannys in them?

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Hastings in Minnesota too, also a Belle Plaine......
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