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are these a good set of heads.289

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so i traded a 302 block for a set of 1964 289 heads that have the smog bumps taken out and been ported alittle bit but for 200 dollars he is going to put some chev 305 h.o valves in them. they are going onto a mild built 289 with 600 cfm carb and 351 windsor exhaust manifolds and stock 4brrl intake manifold with flow masters. thanks for the tech help.
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smog humps didn't happen until '66. You can get better valves than chevy valves...$200 for inexpensive chevy valves doesn't sound good. If the valves are aftermarket stainless heavy or extreme duty swirl polished undercut stem valves, then $200 sounds good. You should ask him what brand and type they are and look into it first. Are 305 valves larger than standard 289 valves?

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i think the 305 valves are the same size or a little smaller
I think the 305 valves are smaler as well.... But....

Smog humps happened as early as 1964 in fords and possibly earlier in some. Ford new the emission rules were going to be put in place long before they actually were, and prepared early for it. I have seen FE heads as early as '65 with the smog humps, so there is no reason not to think the SB's didn't have then as well.... I have also seen 1968 Heads BOTH with AND without the humps..... I have no explanation for this...

Good morning

What are the casting numbers on the chamber side of the head?

You can get great prices on 1pc Stainless valves - undercut and swirl polished from SI valves for about $65-70, I beleive that is the last I paid for them. In a 289 head I would not put in anything bigger than a 1.94( cut down to 1.9)

I put 1.9 & 1.6 in my C5AE-b's - these heads will scream if done correctly - they have th biggest stock intake runner volume - I think 155cc's?.

If you are not going high rpm - I would not even go that big,cept' for the exhaust.

SuperStock has to run the C5AE-b's and they run with a 1.78 valve
Depends on which 305. 305HO valves are bigger
According to Bob Mannel's excellent book on the SBF, the "bump" in the exhaust port appeared in '66 with a casting # of C6XX.
the guy is trustworthy and i think he knows what he is talking about. He has done allot of work for guys that drive sprint cars and pro alchahol so he knows what he is doing he has been doing it for 35 yrs or so. The valves are 305ho he has not put the head together yet. he is going to port them also and he said that he uses stainless when he does head work.
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