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Looking for some quick advice on what to check out in resolving a miss/hesitation I'm having with my 1967 Cougar (289/2bbl/C4/PS/PB wA/C and is all stock). Over the past 6 weeks I pulled it out of storage and got it back on the road. As part of getting it running, I ended up rebuilding the Carb (replaced Fuel Filter at that time and drained the Gas Tank and refilled with fresh gas) and replaced the following parts with new ones:

-Spark Plugs
-Plug Wires
-Distributor Cap
-Points (I ended reverting to the old Condenser, as it wouldn't start with the new one. Bad/Incorrect Part perhaps?)
-Vacuum Advance

It ran like a dream for the first week or so, although it sounded like there may have been a very slight miss. Well now that it's a few weeks and a couple of hundred miles down the road, the miss is more pronounced and feels like a hesitation at highway speeds with a little backfire through the exhaust when decelerating from highway speeds.

Any advice on where should I start troubleshooting? I haven't rechecked the timing since I first got it back on the road, but it was OK (6 BTDC) when it first fired up. It does idle a little high, being the only other unusual thing.

Thanks for any advice.

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