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Man that is one damn sweet ride!

I wonder if it will stay around $8000?

I really can't do anything like that now.

I have pushed the Falcons engine purchase back long enough now.

I don't regret buying the 66 Galaxie at all but,that was all the money and them some I had for the Falcons new motor!

I was only looking in the $4000-$5000 range for a 66 Galaxie that would have left me about $5000 to start the Falcon motor?

I ended up spending all the motor money on the 66 Galaxie and the car has had 1000s added since I have bought it!

I have all the little items and chassis all
ready to rock on the Falcon and now it's time to start to buy engine stuff for it.

I have been talking with both Keith Craft Racing and Bennett Racing about engine combos for the car they could sell me.

They both said a 408 is one of their most popular kits and is a good choice for my car.

I'm going to have to buy this engine in pieces from one of them even though it's cheaper to just buy a long block from them.

I figure by spring of 2003 I should have a complete 408 W engine sitting here?

That's if I don't get side tracked with another car!

I have to stay focused on the prize!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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