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Hey I was looking through some old posts and saw some pics of your car, looks good.

How much did your car weigh from the factory and whats your guess on your final weight?

Also what engine are you putting in and what kind of horsepower are you shooting for.

Do you still have the front strut rod suspension?


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It used to run a built Boss 302 with a C-4 and 4.56s in it a while back and back then it weighed 2820 lbs.

I have since added glass fenders and Weld Rodlites with many other lighweight racing items.

I'm not sure what it will final weight will be when she is done?

I'm going with a Keith Craft 408 stroker kit tied up in a FRPP 351-W racing block.

I want to have about 800 + horsepower on the bottle hit of 150 hp so I will be looking for 650 on the motor.

I have started research already with some of the Ford engine guys and they all seem to think that 650 + on the motor will be relatively easy to achieve.

I want to run in the 9 s with the combo.

I still run the stock stlye front end with the exception of a TCP rack and pinion steering set up.

I run a full Moser 9 narrowed 9 inch with 35 spline axles and rear disk brakes.

Right now it set up with a 4.56 gear and a full spool,I want to yank out the spool and swap in a Detriot Locker also more than likely change the gears when the powertrain is decided upon.

I want to a PA C-4 super comp trans with a custom converter to be determined later down the road.

It should be a F*****G wicked car set up like this,I'm not backing down from my goals for this car it will run 9 s!

I'll keep you posted,I'm going to be doing the powertrain for this car way ahead in time then I had originally thought?

Should be running by next summer?

I'll have plenty of questions on engine combos and specs I'm considering so I'll need help from all the guys here!

Stay tuned!
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