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Attn. FM staff!

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I just read the news about the downfall of the Big Ugly Work truck this is indeed bad news and I feel for ya. However, I think this could be something that could truly benefit the readers here if you were to say, purchase a salvage yard Lincoln Mk VII HO 5.0 for it? I'm certain there are tons of 5.0 Ford truck owners that have longed for such a swap and would love to see it take place in online form.

While it was nice to see and hear about the experience of buying the new STX truck online, (and we look forward to anything you choose to add or improve on it) I hope this doesn't mean the BUW truck is going to be forgotten.

There is a fine line between a hobby.... and mental illness.

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Thanks for the sentiments Zephyr. The BUW died an untimely death. Spun a couple rod bearings and chewed up the bottom end pretty good. It was ugly, and believe me if it weren't the last running car in my stable I would have dropped in another motor in a heart beat, but unfortunately it couldn't work out that way. I had to get back on the road and the BUW was passed on to someone who will bring it back to life. Sometimes with a project car you have to cut your losses. Don't worry, we'll get another 5.0L truck soon and pick up where we left off.
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