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Auto trans in my 90 Cadillac?

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I know this is not ford related but this is my daily driver, if someone can direct me to a "Cadillac forum" I will go there.

I have a feeling the auto trans in this car is getting ready to give out. Car has 215,000 miles on it and is a 1990 cadillac sedan deville. As far as I know the trans has never been rebuilt

Just recently when I first start it up and put it into drive when the car is cold it will hesitate before Drive engages. It takes probably 3 seconds.

Once the car is warmed up and has been driven it will go into drive right away.

I know nothing about autos but those of you who do could probably point me in the right direction.

BTW, the fluid is not low. Maybe I should change the fluid and filter though?
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You did check the fluid with the motor warmed up and running in park?
Heres a cady performance page them may be able to help ya.
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Add a pint of "Trans-X" to your tranny and drive it for one week! Then, go get a "Flush and Fill", <U>and</U> a pint of "Trans-X", that will take care of that issue probably permanently. Be sure to have your tranny fluid changed every 2 years regardless of mileage! I drove an '86 Coupe De Ville for about twenty thousand years and never had issues with the tranny when all around me other people were.

Out there in AZ you should be able to find a shop with an automatic trans fluid flusher, (It's a big arse plastic machine that holds about 15 quarts of fluid that you hook up to the tranny lines and start the car the tranny then pumps the old fluid out and sucks in the new all by it's self, and takes less than 20 minutes start to finish). You don't need a filter or gasket for the pan when you do this, and it's not necessary unless you fear there is debris in the tranny pan which is unlikely.

It shouldn't cost you more than $85 bucks, and it is well worth it! Be SURE to tell them to get a pint of "Trans-X"!!! That will clean off the valves and pumps and keep the tranny fresher than fluid alone after this process done.

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My car is doing that too, takes a while for the tranny to go into drive, even at stop signs. Mine is a 96 chrysler cirrus, just had a used tranny put in last year. Of course that is in minnesota, and it does it when it is around 0 Degrees outside. Havent tried the tranny X yet. should do that.
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