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Hello All
I'm just finishing rebuilding a 1963 4100. boy have the rebuild kit prices gone up in the last 20 years.
If anyone has rebuilt one, let me know.

I love to investigate things and today I learned something that I think is wrong.
The 4100 is was made by Autolite, a company started in 1911.
The 4100 was first used on the 1957 model Ford cars.
in 1961 Ford acquired the Autolite company
In reading today, the article said the 4100 was made by Holley for Ford.. This could not be true
as in 57 Ford did not own Autolite. 2. If Holley did build the 4100 for Ford, why did
Holley need to licensed the annual design for the carburetor from Ford, and why did Holley later
have to buy the 4100 from Ford, around 1973 or so. Ford had started building carburetors under
the Motorcraft name.
I only point these items out as it helps keep the info correct. Now I"m not saying what I know
is correct, or that Holley did not make the 4100 hundred. but I have not seen one article saying that
Holley make the 4100 Carb.
Unfortunately Autolite as been bought and sold at least 6 times in the last 30 years.
BTW Thank you Supreme Court again... the Gov at some point brought Anti Trust action agains
Ford and Autolite, they sided against Ford... Why...
If you are not familar witht he 4100 the design allows the "bowl" to be removed while the engine is
running, you can change floats, adjust same, change jets, make any adjustments needed...
mine is a 1.12 which flows "600" cfm. advertised.
and was used on engines up to 460

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Hey Doc, the information is good and Holley had absolutely Zero to do with Autolite for ford, I believe they did produce some 2v carbs in the 70's and put them on Fords, but as far as making carbs without the holley style valve bodies, I am not aware of any carrying the autolite or motorcraft names. Not all carbs put on factory fords were autolite carbs as ford put Holleys on some performance 4V engines, I own an original Holley 4v number C70F-9510-D which is off a factory 67 390 mid size cars like Mustang Fairlane Comet and Cougar...

Anyhow the kits I get now day's are made by Walker, and run between 40 and 55 bucks. I absolutely LOVE the 4100 and 2100 Carb Design! 8) 8) 8)

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