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hey all, im trying to figure out if my two autolites im about to rebuild have the correct boosters in them..

i have a 1.02 C7DF-S which has "2"(stamped upside down)"3Z" boosters, along with 43F jets

and i have a 1.08 C9AF-A which has "3AA""3A" boosters and 48 jets

i also have half of a DF8Z-G - with "2H" "T2" boosters

theres very little, if any info on what all this means, and what is stock on what regarding boosters on autolites, so if anyone has their 2100 or 4100 in bits right now could they post the carb number and booster numbers, and jets maybe too, especially if they are pretty sure its stock. maybe we can assemble some kind of info, if the thread gets big enough ill throw together a public spreadsheet on google docs and keep it updated)


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