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B&M shift improver kit?

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Hello everyone I'm new to the board. I have a 1977 f100 with 302 from a grand marquis in it pretty much stock. The C-4 was rebuilt a few years ago and has very few miles on it. I am wanting to put a shift kit in simply because it's a relatively cheap mod, and I am hoping to be able to bark the tires on the 1-2 shift. This is not my daily driver its a truck that I am turning in to a rat rod type hot rod truck for weekends. But I am a little concerned about when i take the valve body out of the transmission. is there any chance of springs or check balls falling out and not knowing where they go back. Or is all of that inside the vavle body and I just need to be careful when i take the two halves apart? I would appreciate any help you can give with this.

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Its not like a turbo 350 or anything GM like. The C4 valve body is self contained and can be modified on the bench and reinstalled without dropping junk all over the place. Neat little transmission the C4. Easy to work on, simple to put together and cheap.

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Follw the B&M instructions and you'll have no trouble.
Thank you! That is what I wanted to hear! Alot of other posts other places everything I was looking at was mainly chevy. I'm so glad I found this forum! Thanks again.
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there is a small ball & spring under that little tab on the filter. that can drop out if you arent careful. and take out the filter first.
Ok thanks. I seem to remember reading that in another thread about replacing just the filter. I also read to make sure I catch all the fluid coming out and measure it to make sure I put the same amount back in.
Do you need that spring and ball if running a manual valve body? Mine were missing when I took the trans apart.
Some manual valvebodies block off that valve.
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