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My Mustang is my first car, (and probably the last one)... One of the goals I had when I bought it was to prove that with the right treatment it can be reliable and practical like a new car. Therefore it was important to me to have the possibility to drive a car every day.
After a massive restoration it was no problem to drive daily, but after my son Omer was born, one problem arose.

I really wanted to drive with my one and a halfe years old son, but there was a difficulty in merging the baby car seat.
In the car I have driver and passenger seat harness installed, so it is difficult to install a rear seat belts.

so I was looking for an alternative way to securing the child safety seat without seat belts into the Mustang.
After looking around, I found the solution called "isofix".

ISOFIX is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars.
IsoFix system were required in new cars in the United States starting in September 2002.
You can read more about IsoFix here: ISOFIX

Some manufacturers sell the isofix for vehicles that was made prior to 2002 so basically you can buy the adapter and install in any car.

I managed to find an isofix adapter on ebay for about 20$.


Installation is quite simple, basically all you need to do is to bolt the adapter between the space in the back seat

First I took the bench out

Then, I used small drilling bolts just to mark the right spot

Then, Drill and bolt in the IsoFix with safty graded bolts and nuts

Use the nuts to lock the bolt in place

and make sure the IsoFix is secured to the floor pan

Now, install the back seat back to its place

Connect the base to the IsoFix guides

Place the child safety seat on the base and make sure you have all green lights on

Now we are redy to drifft all the way to the infant school :)


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That's cool. Just a thought, have you installed one of those gas tank guards and or a rear firewall?

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Sorry to but i have just come across your Great aod piece back in 2007 has helped heaps. did you have any problems with the ron morris support fouling with your after market shifter cable,my cable wants to travel straight though the front half of the left side of the support on its way to the cable bracket on the trans
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