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back issues

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man my back hurts from calling ldendary frd mgzine so many times its not even funny. online i ordered a back issue and they say on the site allow 3 weeks for delivery...well after three weeks i called them to see if they had sent it as i only live one delivery day from call back till i called 4 times...they said its going to be delivered next week...well that was almost two weeks i call five times yesterday and today and no call back...what to do? to bad for them regardless as i was about to buy a years' subscription. customer service is point one or lack thereof.
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well she finally called me back after 3 days of calling, the website says 3 weeks for delivery, now she tells me 6 to 8 weeks like i should know that and that. and says i am lucky it wont take longer. i love the mag, i have the first issue..but cmon call me back and let me know..its the principles!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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