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Last weekend i was out for a sunday cruise...well actually a jaunt through the canyons, anyway as I was coming out of a corner when i manualy shifted my c-4 from 2nd to 3rd at like...4 grand(not at all pushing it), suddenly everything violently shuttered. I immediately pulled to the side of the road and shut it down. Long story short, the stall converter imploded majorly and vibrated my trans to death in a very short instant. At every rpm the motor shook violently because of this. Well basically it turned into race on Sunday/ fix on Monday.

I took it to a clean looking trans shop in my area, the manager seemed knowledgeable so at a ball clenching $1100 i had him overhaul the c-4 and replace the converter with a 2200-2500rpm stall. He told me over the phone that the flywheel looked like it had badly chipped teeth, so i took his advice to replace it=\. However in my own stupidity i told him it was a 302 motor...but didn't specify 86' 5.0...So he gets a standard cast iron flywheel with a 28oz. weight and puts it on. I come over to test drive it and from the very instant i start it up, it vibrates just as bad as when i broke it. We then took the old flywheel to a specialty shop across the road to have their opinion on the flywheel(i thought perhaps the flywheel was specially balanced perhaps). As it turns out, my mechanic that originally built the engine had the OLD 289 flywheel custom balanced to the 5.0 =/. It has two 3" diameter holes drilled next to each other and a big weight welded(i think opposite of the holes). So after 35 years of service the original flywheel has a couple worn teeth, big whoop, so the old flywheel went back on in hope that the bad vibes would go away. Well...the big vibrations are gone but at multiple rpm ranges the vibrations still feel like something is way off. I'm afraid to really put my foot into it =(. The vibrations happen when the mustang is and isn't moving( park or neutral).

****My question is: Could something else have been destroyed when my drivetrain went south? ANDD Should an appropriate 5.0 flywheel from someone like Summit balance (or reduce) the vibrations?

Please help with poor buddy doesn't even feel like racing anymore =*(
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