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I just finished setting up my 65 Falcon with a 57 Ford Wagon rearend with 4.11 gears and a trac loc. I have a pretty bad vibration that occurs around 60mph as I accelerate or when I let off the gas.

I have had the driveshaft balanced. I have also removed the wheels and drums while the car is on jack stands to determine if they were causing any of the problems, but that didn't help.

I have also checked both motor mounts and the transmission mounts to determine if they are the issue.

The slip yoke has about 2.5" in the tranny cone and 2.5" outside the tranny cone and has a slight amount of slop if you push up and down on it.

The vibration continues if the transmission (t5) is put into neutral. Any ideas on what it may be or how to test are much appreciated.
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