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How do you know you're getting all of the performance from your car? Perform the gas-can test even if your car is running well - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain: including the prospects of improving your E.T. and gaining increased consistency.

When your car isn't performing, always carry out the gas-can test first - it's one of the least-expensive diagnostic aids you'll encounter. Keep in mind that valve springs, ignitions systems, torque converters, even engines have been changed, when all the time the fuel system was at fault.

Test your fuel system by obtaining a 1-gallon gas-can (do not use a molded-plastic gas container, or marked super-jug, or antifreeze-jug, as you will not get accurate readings). Open up the top of the tin can and insert the two or four carburetor fuel lines from your regulator, switch on the system, and carefully measure the time it takes to fill it. High 10-second cars will need to pump 1-gallon in 25-seconds or less. A 9-second car should fill the can in 20-seconds or less, 15-seconds is all it takes for an 8-second car, and under 12-seconds for 7-second vehicles. Important Note: It is essential to observe two strict rules during the test. One, keep a fire extinguisher handy and two, do not carry-out the test by yourself.

1/4 Mile E.T. Time to fill a 1-Gal. Can
7 sec under 12 seconds
8 sec 15 seconds
9 sec 20 seconds
10 sec 25 seconds
11 sec 30 seconds
12 sec 35 seconds

I thought I would post this test here.

I guess it could be very helpfull in checking out fuel systems for ample flow for certain Ets.

I normally would be sceptical about a test like this,but I know Barry Grant knows this stuff very well!

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