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I don't know if BBK or any of their people ever read these forums...I only hope they do!

A good friend of my recently purchased the BBK SSI intake and he's had nothing but a bad experience with it. BBK made some innovative changes with this new intake but from what he has explained to me, those changes haven't been for the good. For example, they relocated the fuel pressure regulator on their fuels rails (you have to use their fuel rails with the intake) and the location makes it nearly impossible to install an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator...well, that is unless you purchase their adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Also, the EGR was relocated and made it extremely difficult to install. He also explaied that he had to re-route his heater hoses because the would not fit under the intake. Further, the instructions weren't the best. He also experience difficulties with fuel leaks from his new fuel rails and fuel injectors and when he called BBK's customer service, he got the run around and weren't too friendly. Lastly, he had to notch his stock hood to provide clearance with the front of the intake...not a direct bolt on!

I have many BBK components on my '89 LX 5.0 and I've had great success with their products (as I'm sure a lot of people have had). My major concern was with how he was treated by their customer service reps...He explained that if he has to remove the intake one more time, he is going to replace it with an Edelbrock performer intake.

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