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Boy it's been a while got my bucket seat out of a Dodge to finally fit in my 64 Falcon, also got consul with two cut holder and add on aircontition all to work together. And for that BAD ASS look got a hood scoop form Boss Mustang installed . Also mid 13 was nice also so bump up the fuel pressure install one size bigger fuel injectors and changed the intake and Plenum and throttle body . I can stick my hand init. Can remember the size?:-I'm only a old motor head so if my spelling is off so what I can wrench on this bird great !
Got to get her to the stip and she what she will turn now. The sound is great when you step down on gas you know you got something going under the hood .
All the how to and many pictures are on my little web . Also forgot got the G3 alternator to work and I also have oil dip stick , they said it wouldn't work with this conversion . check it all out on.
got to play with my 9" rearend . Later Jim the karguy
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