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Don't slam me for doing another bucket seat install because this one has relevance for old F-Series owners. The subject vehicle here is my 1978 F250. While I believe F-Series seats all the way up to 1997 will fit these rigs, they are a pain to come by at a fair price for that reason alone. I know because I've been Craig's Listing since I bought the truck 5 years ago.

Anyhow, the bench in my truck had been a thorn in my side for years. Better put, it's been a broken spring in my thigh for years. So, when I saw a bucket seat and jump seat/console set-up from a 2007 Chevy Silverado on Craig's List for $125 in the right color, I grabbed it quick. So, here's my pictorial on how I made it work. I release myself from all liability since this transplant does affect the factory seat belt mounting locations. Proceed at your own risk.

My original seat had seen better days. Also, it was a real drag since it couldn't hold a cell phone, coffee, or my wallet on those dump and Home Depot trips.

The subject truck, my 1978 F250.

These are the seats I grabbed off Craig's List. The guy I bought them from couldn't get them to work in his El Camino, but that's only becasue he wasn't willing to apply the mental toughness I was to make something work. Or, maybe I'm just crazy.

My old bench removed.

All three units used these standoff mounts (feet) that made the seats way too high for my truck. They needed to come off.

These are the nasty rivets holding each foot onto all four corners of each seat. Good 'ol Keith (Bumblebee) from the FM forums shot me a tip for getting them off quick.

I drilled through the center of each rivet with a small diameter bit for a pilot hole, then hit them with a big 1/2" bit. When the heads were gone, I popped the feet off.

Then drilled out the remainder of the rivets with the 1/2" bit at total of 16 times... 2 rivets for each foot.

Here's a shot with one of the feet off.

I Sawzalled all four feet off the center jumpseat and welded some strap iron across laterally. Then I drilled holes so I was sure to locate the jumpseat where it would be bolted to the reinforced areas of the floor pan and sit flat.

I went ahead and drilled through the floor pan and used some grade 8 bolts with wide grade 8 washers. Again, there are areas in these pans where the steel is doubled-up for reinforcement. My through holes were located there. Note the seat belt for the jumpseat is integrated into the seat. Caution.

For each bucket I needed to virtually widen the floor pan to locate the outer seat tracks.

You can see here that the pan tapers off quick toward the doors. I used this 1-inch box channel tubing to get the job done from the raw stock bin at Home Depot.

Getting better at welding. Here is the passenger side with two 6-inch long box channel segments welded in.

Krylon Apple Red to match.

Driver's side ready for test-fit and drilling.

After a few test fits and marking, I drilled for the outer seat tracks and the inner seat tracks as well.

Final fit for the driver's side.

Had to do some clearancing in areas to accomodate wide grade 8 washers.

Snugged down the outer and inner hardware. 4 times for each seat.

A shot of the jumpseat and the driver's bucket installed.

I replaced the integrated Chevy belts with the orginal Ford belts. This required removing most of the lower molded plastic covers that surrounded the seat base.

The whole set-up installed.


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Re: Dentside F-Series Bench to Buckets

Looking good!!! I know what you mean about missing the cup holders...

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Chevy seats? Really? :bicker::D
Nice...I have no I need to do this on my '79.
I was at a local pick it yard that had a bunch of CFC rides, and was tempted to snag a split bench off a superduty but never bothered to go back. Would be nice to have something supportive.

I did something like this years ago in my '84 F150 chop top, but I used fox body buckets and welded together some stands to work with the floor in the F series.

Nicely done.
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