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Best air filter base?

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The other day when flogging my friends car on the dyno, he was making ok numbers, started out at 452 at the wheels, with no tuning, but by just taking the top off the air filter power jumped to 478. That's a bunch of power being left on the table, then by running open headers he made 496, just shy of his goal. No carb or any tuning changes. We have all decided that the air filter needs to be changed for something better. Right now he was running a K&N 14x3 on a drop base, with the extreme airflow top. I think it's the poor design of the drop base that's killing the power. Does anyone have any ideas of what to look for and run for a filter assembly, or just for the base?
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Easy the K&N black plastic carb insert is what you are after and if room allows a larger and taller air cleaner for more total filter area.Stub stack

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