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Best way to stab a 302 distributor?

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What method have you found to be the easiest and what are the exact steps? I am asking because I have never stabbed a ford distributor.

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I dunno, maybe ask O.J.?

Seriously. set the crank damper at 10 deg BTDC or somewhere close, make a mark on the dist housing that lines up with the #1 cyl on the cap (I use a windowed cap for this), drop it in the block, line up the rotor with the mark you made...and it'll be real close.

I sometimes will crank the motor over with only the #1 plug stuck on a wire (not in the head) and set the initial timing without having to start the motor. Its much easier that way since mine is alcohol injected....I don't like to crank on it forever. By doing it that way, it also puts a little bit of alky in the lines while setting the timing...and when the dist is dropped in, it usually fires off immediately.
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