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blowing steam out of valve cover??

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my motor is blowing steam out of the valve cover breathers. It builds up a lot of condensation in the breather and the top of the valve covers too. and the more rpm the motor gets the more steam it shoots out....could this be a valve seal or somthing?
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Mine does that too (the Maverick). I'm not concerned about it.

If you pull your dipstick and it's oil (not milk) don't be concerned. The valve covers tend to build up condensation--just a fact of life if it never actually gets up to operating temp and stays there for a while. should see the milky stuff that I drain out every week. You guys would be worried--very worried. Just another day in the life of a alcohol injected small block. Last time I pulled the valve covers for a look-see, there was chunks of white oily/milky stuff on the bottom....and on a hot motor, if I pull the breathers it looks like the steam emission from a steam locomotive.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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