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Ive got to start by saying, I grew up a fan of 1970s Pro Stockers. When it came to Ford, Dyno was the only man, though Im sure Glidden fans would have something to say about that, LoL.
With the help of the Nicholson family, I just completed a book focusing on Dyno Don's career. "Dyno Don - The Cars And Career of Dyno Don Nicholson" has just been released through Cartech Books. The book covers Dyno's complete career, from the (gulp) Chevys through the Merc's, Fords and beyond.
The book was written with the helping hand of many; **** Brannan, Al Turner, Jerry Jardine, Frank Oglesby, Bill Coon, et, etc. The Nicholson's allowed access to their collection of memorbilia as well as their photo collection. Each car is detailed with numerous never before seen photos.
A well detailed book if I dont say so myself. Pick up a copy, you wont regret it.

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